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Millennial Essentials Tea Tree Oil 10 ml


A gentle and valuable essential oil, Tea Tree Oil is used for cleaning and to soothe many different types of skin problems.
SKU: 006

100% pure and undiluted Tea Tree Oil; it is steam distilled, without using any solvents, from the leaves of the Australian Tea Tree. It has a clean, medicinal scent. 

Tea tree oil is gentle and non-toxic to human skin. Modern herbalists use tea tree oil to soothe many skin ailments. The oil is also useful for many cleaning applications. 

-Add by the drop to your favorite carrier oil, skin care product, shampoo or conditioner. 
-Add 2-3 drops to warm bath water. 
-Tea tree oil is also an excellent addition to laundry and cleaning products. 

Essential oils are highly concentrated and generally need to be well diluted before use. Tea Tree Oil is often used full strength on warts. Wash your hands immediately after use to prevent contact with your eyes. Keep out of reach of children who may accidentally drink the oil. For external use only.

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