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Millennial Essentials Clove Bud Oil 10ml


The familiar strong, spicy-fruity scent and flavor of cloves along with the other known qualities of Clove Bud Oil make it indispensable for use in the home.
SKU: 001

100% pure and undiluted clove oil, produced by steam distillation and without the use of any solvents, from the flower buds of the clove tree.

Clove oil has been used for centuries. It has a strong, spicy-fruity scent and flavor. Clove oil is used to flavor gum and toothpaste, to spice baked goods, in cooking and pickling, as a natural fragrance, to ease indigestion and to dull the pain of toothache.

-Use sparingly to spice food or tea; one drop is strong enough to flavor an entire recipe.
-For a lighter flavor, dilute in white wine, white wine vinegar or rice vinegar; shake well before adding as desired to flavor food or beverages.
-Add by the drop to your favorite carrier oil or personal care product.
-For a natural alternative to perfumed or petroleum-based air fresheners, add by the drop to any essential oil diffuser, potpourri simmering pot or even a pan of steaming water on the stove

Clove Bud essential oil is highly concentrated and needs to be well diluted before using because it can irritate the skin. Wash hands immediately after use to prevent contact with your eyes. Keep out of reach of children, who may accidentally drink the oil.

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