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Gluten-Free Savonnerie Shea Butter .5 oz Travel Size


A smaller sized shea butter for your lips, to take when traveling or to find out if the product will work well for you.
SKU: 873

Try this smaller sized shea butter wind-up tube for your lips, when traveling or even to find out if the product will work well for you with minimal investment. Shea butter is a luxury oil that provides an intensive moisturizing and protective effect on skin. It can be used on the any area of the skin, including the face.

Use Tips:
Shea Butter is very versatile; it may be used on any area of skin, on the lips, for the hair or scalp as needed. 

Shea Butter has a low melting point; if you live in a warm environment the tubs with tightly fitting lids are recommended over the wind up tubes. Shea Butter will become very soft and start to liquefy at temperatures approaching 90 degrees. The liquefied Shea Butter is not harmed by the texture change once solidified again; it will retain all the skin friendly benefits that it originally possessed.

Mini Shea Butter .5 oz Wind-Up Tube Instructions: 
Simply remove the cap and smooth the Shea Butter over your skin or lips as desired. Use caution when removing the lid from the Mini-Shea Tube in warm weather to prevent spilling the product in the event that it has melted from heat.

Interesting Fact: 
Shea Butter is an edible oil and commonly used for cooking and baking in Africa and in Europe it is often used to make chocolates.

Please Note: 
Discontinue using the product if your skin breaks out in a rash from using Shea Butter. Shea Butter is not a common allergen, however it is possible for people to develop allergies to any natural or synthetic substance.

Do not carry the Mini Shea in your pocket or it will melt from your body heat.
Do not leave Shea Butter in a hot vehicle, near heat sources or in direct sun or the Shea Butter will melt and run out of the tube. Storage in hot environments also will shorten the shelf life.

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