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Gluten-Free Savonnerie No Soap Cleansing Cloth for Face & Body


Completely non-drying. Reusable & Environmentally Responsible. A huge find for people who have many allergies, for those who cannot use soap or have fragile skin.
SKU: 895

"Looks ordinary, but is truly an amazing product!


Removes makeup without chemicals or makeup remover.

Exfoliates gently without anything harsh or rough, and cleans skin without soap or cleansers.  


There are many reasons to use this product, however the main advantage of this soft cloth is that you clean your skin with only warm water, then you wash the cloth with soap, this ensures that there is never anything harsh, chemical or drying on your skin.  The process is quick, easy and eco-friendly.


Removes most water proof eye makeup without any makeup remover.
Removes face camo for military use and hunters.
Removes face and body paint.

Completely non-drying to skin
Reusable & Environmentally Responsible

Works well for all types of skin.

This product is hypoallergenic and not impregnated with nanoparticles or chemicals.


Made in the USA. 

Wash cloth after use with any real soap, hang it up to dry. 

Dries quickly.  May reuse before dry.


A travel size Classic Soap bar is included with each cloth purchased for your convenience.

All Gluten-Free Savonnerie Bar soaps or Liquid soaps are also excellent choices for washing your cloth.

Approx. Size 10 X 10 inches. 

Fiber Content:  Polyester

Color of the cloth may vary slightly.

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