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Dakota Free Fragrance-Free Bath Crystal Refill 6 oz


A handy refill packet for Dakota Free Fragrance-Free Bath Crystals; designed to be easier on the environment and on your pocket book.
SKU: 061

These all-natural magnesium and sodium salts, combined with an emollient, soothe dry and itchy skin while you enjoy you bath.

Research has shown this combination of mineral salts to decrease itching and aid in cell regeneration. The science aside, Dakota Free Bath Crystals in your bath water feels wonderful on your skin and makes bathing a pure pleasure.

This refill packet comes in a resealable bag and will refill one empty 6 oz. Dakota Free Bath Crystals.

Directions for use:
Add to the bathtub while it's filling with warm water, giving the crystals time to dissolve. Rinse skin after bathing, pat dry and apply Dakota Free Moisturizer for optimal results.

Product use tips:
-Bring the spa into your home and pamper your skin every day with Dakota Free Bath Crystals.
-Make a soothing foot soak with warm water and Dakota Free Bath Crystals. Use to treat tired, aching or itching feet.
-Soak in a warm water bath with Dakota Free Bath Crystals added to help relieve sore muscles or itching skin.

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