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Dakota Free Organic Sunflower Soap 4 oz bar


What could be better? Organic soap with a delightful lather and without any perfumes or fragrance.
SKU: 088

Organic, fragrance-free, gluten-free, casein-free and vegan...that's quite a soap!

Dakota Free's Organic Sunflower soap is just what you've been asking us to make for years. Pure, gentle, cream-colored bars that pamper the skin and are ideal for all members of the family.

Most commercial bars are made of detergents and chemicals instead of soap. Even when the label says it's soap, the glycerin produced naturally during the soap making process is usually separated out and sold for other purposes.

In this organic bar soap, the natural glycerin is kept intact; glycerin has a moisturizing effect on both skin and hair and is very desirable in soap.

Try this exceptional chemical-free soap and experience the Dakota Free difference for yourself.

Directions for use:
Use as you would any other soap.
Rinse well with clean water after bathing.
Apply Dakota Free Moisturizer to the skin after bathing for optimal results.

At Dakota Free Products we take the integrity of our products seriously and track the allergen status of our ingredients so that you can use the products with confidence.

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