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Dakota Free Lavender Massage & Body OIl 4 oz


An aromatic massage and body oil with enough lavender oil to effectively deliver it's many benefits to the skin and body.
SKU: 630

This is an aromatic, sweet-smelling, skin pampering formula and it's very versatile. 

Lavender Massage & Body oil is a pleasing and effective massage and body oil that contains enough natural lavender oil to effectively provide the many benefits of lavender to your skin. Enjoy! 

Use Tips: 
-Massage over areas of joint pain or muscle pain. 
-Perfect for sore, tired feet after a long work day, an exercise workout or even sightseeing. 
-Use to soothe and diminish a variety of skin problems. 
-Use to aid relaxation and lighten the mood. 
-Add to warm water in bathtub to use as bath oil. 
(Use caution-oil makes the tub slippery, rinse well with hot water.) 

At Dakota Free Products we take the integrity of our products seriously and track the allergen status of our ingredients so that you can use the products with confidence.

A Chemical-Free, Home Spa Product - bring the spa into your home, relax and enjoy yourself. 

Every Dakota Free Product is gluten-free and wheat-free. They are the perfect skincare line for those with Celiac Disease, Dermatitis herpetiformis or a wheat allergy.  


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