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Dakota Free Honey Lipz Lip Balm with Belt Clip .15 oz


The original, gluten-free, all-natural and fragrance-free Honey Lipz formula with a handy carabiner belt clip; it attaches easily to any key chain, purse or belt loop to keep your lip balm within easy reach.
SKU: 041

Chemical-Free and gluten-free for a healthier life! 

Dakota Free Honey Lipz goes on smooth and silky, to moisturize and protect your lips for an extended period of time. Complete with a metal 
carabiner belt clip to keep your Lip balm within easy reach. Put Dakota Free on your lips and you will never want to be without again. 

Directions for use: 
Apply as often as desired. 
Use as a lip gloss alone or over lipstick. 

Note: color of carabiner will vary with available colors.

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