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Clearly Clean Fabric Softner - 1 qt


Finally, an effective vegetable-based fabric softener and static control formula without dyes, fragrances, volatile chemicals or solvents.
SKU: 702.2

Clearly Clean is an effective, vegetable-based antistatic fabric softener for use in the washing machine or dryer.

Ideal for anyone who is environmentally or health conscious, has chemical sensitivities, allergies, asthma, eczema or other skin conditions. Free of dyes, perfume, fragrances, volatile chemicals and solvents. 

Unlike the majority of other fabric softeners which contains tallow, an animal by-product, Clearly Clean fabric Softener is plant-based and vegan. It is biodegradable and easy on the environment. 

Using Clearly Clean fabric Softener will give you softer, static free clothes, bedding and towels. Due to its superior re-wetting properties you will also have more absorbent kitchen and bath towels. 

To use in the Dryer: (the most cost effective method) 
Dilute the Clearly Clean fabric Softener with water, using equal parts of both and store in a spray bottle. Keep this by the dryer and spray 5-10 squirts directly into the dryer, on the damp clothes before you start the drying cycle. Alternative method - dilute 1 to 2 tbsp. Safe 'N Soft in 1 to 3 ounces water, soak this up with a dampened wash cloth and toss in dryer with the clothes before you start the drying cycle. 

To use in the Washing Machine: 
Add 1 ounce of Clearly Clean fabric Softener in the rinse cycle or add 1 ounce of Clearly Clean fabric Softener to your washing machines fabric softener dispenser following the instructions you received with your machine. 

To use in for Hand Washing: 
Dilute 1/2 tsp. of Clearly Clean fabric Softener in 1 cup water and stir until well mixed. Add this to your final rinse water.

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